Package Design
This project involved developing a packaging concept for Walgreens branded products that can flex across the retailer's many categories. With extensive exploration and collaborative discussions with partners and leadership, I developed a foundational system that feels approachable, friendly, modern, and trustworthy. And most importantly, iconically Walgreens.
Honoring Walgreen's undeniable legacy, I assured the design felt familiar yet modern. My strategy was to weave the rich brand history into a look that is competitive and fresh in 2023 and beyond. By immersing myself in market research and customer data, I found a solution that centers itself in Walgreen's core brand values: welcoming, warm, and unapologetically human. 
Once a strong packaging foundation was established, the fun began! Walgreens offers a wide assortment of products ranging from wellness to beauty, photo, grocery and more. The work below is an owned brand collection of women's wellness products. The packaging leverages the key elements of the system but blends it with a more expressive approach to appeal to the target customer. 
Honorable Mentions
Below are some design iterations left on the cutting room floor or influenced later work. I have a ton of heart for them, they were so fun to explore!
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