Apoquel, Website Redesign
The website redesign initiative for Apoquel was an in-depth months long project that required close collaboration with cross functional creative, marketing, and development teams. The rigorous process included auditing the entire site, identifying bugs and clunky user experiences, brainstorming and optimizing the web environment in both desktop and mobile, and updating graphics and layouts on 12 separate pages of the site.
Apoquel, United States of Apoquel Video Campaign
This project was to craft a video series to support the United States of Apoquel campaign, an initiative to spread awareness about the efficacy of Apoquel for itchy dogs, and the impact it has on both vets and their patient's lives. These impactful stories were brought to life with playful and simple visual elements that reflect the tone of the brand, and music that brings a joyful and hopeful feeling to the viewer, much how vets feel when they improve the quality of their patient's lives. My role was to establish creative direction and lead the animation team through the creative execution process.
Vetscan Imagyst, Print Design
This project was to design an eye-catching and educational folder that showcases the Vetscan Imagyst master brand. This will be used as a tool for medical reps to share with their veterinary clients.
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